How to Wool.Life

We’re fierce advocates for New Zealand wool

Weed and Mulch Mats

Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mats are simple to use. They provide all the advantages of a layer of mulch while also preventing weed growth.

Step 1

Measure your planting area and cut your mat to size if needed, using sharp secateurs or garden hand shears.

Step 2

Remove all vegetation from the area, and place the weed mat on the ground in your garden or raised garden bed.

Step 3

Secure the weed mat at each corner with landscape anchors, weed mat pins, wire staples or our very own biodegradable pegs, inserting them into the ground through the mat using a hammer. For large areas, secure the mat at the corners and every 1 to 1.5 metres.

Step 4

Using a sharp craft knife, slit the mat to create an opening through which to plant.

Biodegradable Pegs

Biodegradable pegs are a sustainable replacement for plastic garden stakes and steel pins. 

Step 1

Measure out the number of pegs you need to secure your Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat - we recommend securing the mat at the corners, with additional pegs every 1 to 1.5 metres for larger areas.

Step 2

Hammer the pegs through the weed mat and into the ground. If you’re working on soft ground, you may be able to push the pegs in with your hand. The barbs on the shaft of the pegs will ensure the pegs stay in place.