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Wool.Life News & Insights is the place to come to find out what's new and innovative with wool.
As the world’s most premium fibre, wool offers unmatched benefits for sustainable agriculture, from enhancing soil health to providing natural weed suppression.

At Wool.Life we’re dedicated to uncovering and sharing the most innovative applications of wool, particularly in areas critical to growers like mulch and ground cover. Our wool products not only reduce environmental impact but also deliver practical benefits that make a difference in everyday agricultural and horticultural practices.

Join us as we delve into the stories of wool’s transformation from a simple fibre into a key player in sustainable agriculture. With insights from industry leaders, updates on wool market trends, and profiles on groundbreaking uses of wool, Wool Works is your premier source for all things wool.

Explore how to harnesses the natural properties of New Zealand wool to support growers in nurturing their land and crops more sustainably. Through detailed articles, expert interviews, and comprehensive guides, we aim to educate, inspire, and equip growers with the knowledge to utilise wool in innovative ways.

Celebrate the journey of wool with us—from the pastures where it’s grown to its use in creating eco-friendly solutions for growers around the world. Discover the natural, sustainable advantages of wool with Wool.Life.

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farmers-weekly article

Discover the untapped potential of wool in our latest feature from Farmers Weekly. Delve into the innovative approaches reshaping the wool industry, highlighting its sustainability and the exciting new products that are setting new standards

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Gisborne Airport Article

Explore how Gisborne Airport and Ngai Tāwhiri are enhancing environmental sustainability with their native planting initiative. Utilising locally-sourced wool weed matting, this community project promotes biodiversity and supports the natural rejuvenation of ecosystems at the airport's entrance.

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