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EmGuard™ Plant Protectors


EmGuard™ are the original environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, cardboard plant guards developed by our parters, FuturEcology, as a solution to plastic debris entering waterways.

Plant guards have been shown to greatly improve the chances of survival and promote growth in plants.

How EmGuard™ Plant Protectors Work

EmGuard™ Plant Protectors reduce ongoing plant maintenance time and costs, protect plants from predators such as hares and pukeko, help in identifying where plants are in a planted area, reduce water loss and provide a microclimate favourable to growth. They are particularly valuable in the first year of establishment especially where root trainer or small grade plants are used.

EmGuard™ Plant Protectors are:-

  • Designed and manufactured in NZ, using a majority of recycled pulp
  • Specifically designed to cope with our tough Kiwi conditions
  • Have a perforated logo which will protect the plant from pesticides if left intact, and allows greater airflow and light exposure if removed
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable 
  • Coated with a food safe and FDA compliant moisture barrier
  • PH of 7.00-8.00 
  • Have a high bursting strength, and will withstand some inundation over a period of time
  • Will last for over a year in the field, under normal riparian conditions

A key value of the EmGuard™ is that, like Wool.Life mulch and weed matting, it does not need to be removed once plant establishment has occurred as will naturally break down and biodegrade over time.

EmGuard™ Specifications:-

  • EmGuard™ Plant Protectors are 350mm high
  • Come with a perforated logo that can be removed to allow more light and airflow
  • EmGuard™ Plant Protectors, when folded, form a triangle with three sides of 200mmx350mm
  • They are quick and easy to install, requiring only one 900mmx10-12mm stake

Requiring only one stake gives EmGuard™ huge advantage in terms of efficiency, even allowing the EmGuard™ to be used on difficult terrain. The folding method ensures the guard grips the stake, so they don’t blow off in the wind.


Wool.Life and EmGuard™ a Match Made in Godzone

Wool.Life mulch and weed matting used together with the EmGuard™ provide establishing plants with the best in soil heat and moisture retention, weed suppression, environmental protection and, ultimately, further nutrients as both products biodegrade.

Wool.Life and EmGuard™ will give your plants the very best start in growth.

EmGuard™ Plant Protectors can be purchased with or without accompanying bamboo stakes.

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