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Weed & Mulch Mat Squares from 100% Recycled NZ Wool


Nourish Your Trees the Green Way with Recycled Wool Mulch Mat Squares

Discover the transformative journey of our 100% NZ recycled wool mulch mat squares — a green haven for trees, especially the majestic poplars. Our wool mulch mat squares are from wool that has been saved from disposal and these squares are not only a tribute to sustainability but also a boon to every tree lover.

Why Opt for Our Wool Mulch Mat Squares?

  1. Sustainability at Its Core: Rescued from becoming landfill waste, this recycled wool finds a new, purposeful life nurturing your trees.

  2. Efficient Moisture Retention: Our 400 GSM wool squares are brilliant at retaining moisture, gradually nourishing the trees and keeping weeds at bay.

  3. Simple and Effective: Just place them around the tree base, and witness how they smartly prevent weed growth, preserving the tree's moisture and health.

  4. A Choice for Every Gardener: Whether you're a professional or a home gardener, these mulch mat squares are an asset for tree maintenance.


  • 300mm x 300mm Mulch Squares (10 pack), 500 GSM - Recycled: Ideal for younger, smaller trees.
  • 500mm x 500mm Mulch Squares (10 Pack), 400 GSM - Recycled: Perfect for larger saplings.

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Please Note:

Since wool is a natural material, it might undergo slight changes after manufacture, leading to minor variations in the actual product dimensions. Rest assured, this natural transformation only adds to its unique charm.

Key benefits
Water & Temperature Regulating

Wool stores up to 33% of its weight in water, and slowly releases water once the surrounding environment drops below 65% relative humidity. This means our mats act as a water buffer, keeping plants at the right moisture level. As wool absorbs water, it releases a small amount of heat, helping to regulate the soil temperature and provide ideal growing conditions.

Fully Biodegradable

Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat Squares are strong enough to do the job without any need for synthetic glues or strengthening materials. Once your wool mat has biodegraded, the only thing left behind is healthy plants and enriched soil. For ultimate sustainability, secure your Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat with our fully biodegradable pegs, which break down at the same rate as the mat.

Naturally Pest Resistant

Wool might feel soft to the touch, but wool fibres have very fine scales, and tiny barbs - which means that slugs and snails go out of their way to avoid them! The composition of our mats also means that birds can’t scrape the mat away from your garden.

Guaranteed 100% Pure New Zealand Wool

We make Pure Wool Weed & Mat Squares from 100% New Zealand wool. This creates a completely natural, renewable product, which is safe to install, safe to live with and safe for the environment.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Recylcled Wool Weed & Mulch Mat Squares are simple to use, providing all the advantages of a layer of mulch, while also eliminating weed growth. Our mats are flexible, protect against erosion, and are available in sizes to suit every project.

Promotes Plant Growth

New Zealand wool is full of essential nutrients that promote plant growth, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat Squares slowly break down over time, releasing nutrients into the soil and acting as a fertiliser.

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