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Biodegradable Pegs

Biodegradable Pegs are a sustainable replacement for plastic garden stakes and steel pegs. Our pegs are tough, durable, and will secure your Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat even in windy or erosion-prone areas. Even better, they’re made from 100% plant-based materials, and will biodegrade at the same rate as your Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat.
Key benefits
No Peg Removal

Biodegradable Pegs maintain their holding power for 18 months, before breaking down into carbon dioxide, water, and humus. There’s no need to remove pegs or remnants from the soil, as they will completely disintegrate over time.

100% Biodegradable 

Biodegradable Pegs are made from plant-based material, derived from wheat and potato starches. They’re 100% plastic-free and contain no petrochemicals. 

Superior Holding Power

One 15cm biodegradable peg has as much gripping power as a 30cm steel pegs, thanks to its large surface area and triple-barbed shaft design. 

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