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We’re fierce advocates for New Zealand wool

Find out what drives our flock.
Why choose Wool.Life?

Wool.Life produces high-performance products that make life better for customers, and help the planet at the same time - all thanks to the power of New Zealand wool.

Wool is totally renewable; it doesn’t deplete the world’s resources, and it doesn’t contribute to toxic landfill. It’s naturally fire-resistant, removes harmful chemicals from the air, and regulates moisture. There aren’t many products around that can do all of that while remaining safe and sustainable – so we say, three cheers for the humble sheep!

Our commitment to sustainability extends past our products; we’re dedicated to maintaining an ethical supply chain and are proud to be creating sustainable returns for farmers and jobs for rural communities. 

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It’s All About The Wool

Our high-quality products lead the way. We produce trusted, high-performance products that change the way consumers think about wool.

Driven by Sustainability

Sustainability underpins everything we do, from our supplier relationships to our end products. 

Health and Safety First

Our product is safe to install, safe to live with, and safe for the environment.

Act With Integrity

Our communications and actions are upfront, honest and no-bull.