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Wool.Life Pillows

Introducing Wool.Life Pillows - the ultimate sleep solution for a healthier and more sustainable future. Our pillows have proven to improve deep sleep, leading to better brain function, memory and overall wellbeing. Made with natural ingredients and free from dust mites and harmful chemicals, Wool.Life Pillows provide relief from night sweats while contributing to a healthier, sustainable global future. Experience the comfort and benefits of our pillows and start sleeping your way to a better life.
Key benefits
Purifies the air

Its complex fibre structure absorbs and breaks down dangerous volatile organic compounds, such as Formaldehyde.

Wool absorbs VOCs within its core and rets them (breaks them down on the molecular level). Wool can purify indoor air for up to 30 years. Air pollution occurs when gases or particulate pollutants build up in indoor atmospheres without adequate air exchange. This is also a relief from allergies and will help you to sleep deeper.

It's lightweight

Our Pillows are lightweight pillow that allows you to sleep all night without having to wake up to move your pillow when you change positions. This keeps in deep sleep longer.

Soft and Fluffy

These pillows can recover its shape more than 22,000 times.

Keeps you cool and warm

One of the main reasons why you wake up at night is when you get cold or overheated. Regulates moisture and keeps it at a 65% steady level, which manages body temperature.

Reduce night allergies

A lot of people are not aware that they have night allergies. They get used to some level of congestion, runny nose or even ear discomfort, but all these are symptoms of allergies. Allergies are usually caused by dust mites.

Adjust to suit your sleeping style

Comfort comes when your pillow adjusts dynamically to your body shape as you move during sleep. Firmness and support for your head and neck are also crucial for good sleep.

It will form to your body shape as you move during your different sleep stages.

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