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Comfort Knops (750g)


Wool.Life Comfort Knops are a sustainable, incredibly comfortable alternative to traditional cushion inners or beanbag fill. Comfort Knops are small, springy balls of 100% New Zealand wool, created in a low-energy production process. They’re simple to use; just unzip your cushion or beanbag, remove the inner, and replace with Comfort Knops.

Key benefits
Fire Resistant

Wool is one of the only fibres that naturally resists flaming, making it a safer option for home furnishings. In the event of a fire, your wool products will smoulder and singe instead of bursting into flame. Wool also doesn’t emit toxic fumes, which significantly reduces the risk of injury or death in the event of a fire.

Designed For Comfort

Our unique production process forms 100% New Zealand wool into small, springy knops that are firm enough to provide support, but soft enough to relax into. We’ve refined our production process to produce the most comfortable product possible, and we’re confident that once you’ve tried Comfort Knops, you’ll never want to go back to a standard cushion inner. 

100% New Zealand Wool

Wool is a totally natural and renewable resource. We reduce our environmental impact even further by using a low-energy manufacturing process and making Comfort Knops right here in New Zealand. 

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